Like all the best moments in life, we want to make every Landmark experience unforgettable. Our carefully honed skills of meticulous preparation, attention to detail and constant pursuit of excellence set the scene for the perfect moments. We know hosting the perfect occasion is about taking care of the details, and here at Landmark that is what we are all about.



500 Guests
2714 Sq.Ft.

“We hosted our daughter’s wedding cocktail at Platenia. The event was completely stress free, we really appreciated the hotel’s genuine care for our family as well as the care put in for all the tasteful decor and sumptuous food”

- Rajeev


75 Guests
1750 Sq.Ft.

“We first visited the Landmark four years ago for our bank’s conference and since, we haven’t looked elsewhere. Jade is the perfect venue for a cosy yet productive professional event”

- Smriti


150 Guests
1058 Sq.Ft.

“My sister’s Sangeet function was held at Opal. I have to say that I was quite impressed with Mr. Chawla’s responsiveness to all of our wants and needs, he surely spoilt us! We’ll be back for more!

- Nihal


75 Guests
1376 Sq.Ft.

“We booked out both Platenia and Emerald for our alumni reunion, I liked Emerald’s cozy space away from the hustle bustle of the party, allowing me to catch up with friends from a decade ago!”

- Shivani


50 Guests
2714 Sq.Ft.

“Nestled away on the 16th floor of the building, The Boardroom is a clandestine affair where we meet bi-annually for our private club’s presentations and get togethers”

- Uday