Wellness Club at landmark

The philosophy of Zante or 'Inner peace' is inherently rooted in the universal approach to wellness. Inspired by a peaceful island in Greece known for its sanctity, Zante believes that a wellness club should embrace a deep understanding of mind, body and soul.

Zante promises a holistic approach towards health, wellness and inner peace and encompasses a three sixty degree approach for the same. It comprises a gym, group studio, salon - Hair by DAR, rooftop swimming pool, wet areas, tea lounge and a state-of-the-art spa - managed by Pevonia Botanica, the World's leading spa skincare line manufacturer in the USA.

For Membership Enquiries Please Call +91-961 666 6681


World’s leading spa skincare line manufacture in the USA Pevonia Botanica continues to uphold its commitment to deliver outstanding results to every skin type via holistic product formulations administered at the healing hands of skilled, skincare specialists worldwide in the luxuries spa industry.


The gym offers all the facilities guests need to complete their preferred physical, cardio and weight-training exercises ensuring that their exercise schedules remain uninterrupted during their stay with us. The gym is equipped with the latest interactive touch screen technology with customized programs.


With a reputation earned over two decades, the name of DAR instantly conjures up the glamorous image of celebrity styling – from hair through to beauty and make up. It was DAR who created the concept of the Total Look and his continued success with it has led to an ever growing A-list set of clients.


Rooftop swimming pools are de rigueur for a modern luxury hotel. Landmark's stunning rooftop pool provides a glittering haven from the hustle bustle below and also offers a relaxing deck space for the family.