If you can’t dine like a King, you haven’t dined at all. That’s what is our firm belief at The Landmark Towers.

Our in-house restaurants boast of high quality multi-cuisine meals that we assure are simply mouth watering. You can choose to enjoy a late evening snack at our poolside lounge bar – The Deck or even go out for a fancy dinner at our premium 24 hour restaurant – The Waterside.

The open bar, beautiful city lights and enthusiastic, young ambience will give you that much needed respite from your hectic work schedule, just when you need it the most.

If that isn’t enough, you can simply hit our unique sports bar themed cafe – Xoomba and enjoy a game of pool or challenge your associates to an exciting game of bowling. The exclusive gaming consoles and peppy music will make every minute of your time here, worth it. We assure.

In the offering, soon - Upcoming Indian and Oriental fine dining restaurants.

Cawnpore 1857

1857 is a landmark year in the history of India. The revolt of 1857 played a pivotal role in India's struggle for independence. With a hint of modernity, Cawnpore 1857 is a diner that perfectly blends the present and old times. The rich interiors with tastefully selected furniture, chandeliers, and a photographic...



As the name suggests, Waterside is surrounded by the crystal clear waters of our lovely swimming pool - a sight hard to imagine in the hustle-bustle of an industrial city! The restaurant is built to serve the needs of guests who would like to dine...



The Deck

The restaurant is built to serve the needs of guests who would like to dine in the open-air terrace by the pool or in the fabulous indoor premises looking out over the spectacular view...


Xoomba Sports Cafe

Join us at the Xoomba sports cafe to celebrate the spirit of sport. An electrifying environment of fun, gaming and entertainment that is sure to leave you wanting more...


YU Skybar

Come to the 16th floor of the Landmark Tower of Kanpur and unwind with a superb view of the Kanpur skyline. The hotel's premium destination bar, 'Sky Lounge', is located in the heart of Kanpur and serves innovative dishes and signature cocktails...